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Arif Naqvi

Arif Naqvi receiving Malikzada Award from Governor of U.P. Shri Ram Naik ji

Arif Naqvi visiting Taj Mahal, Agra

Arif with wife, daughter and grand daughter (right)

With famous poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz

With President of India Dr. Zakir Husain

with famous film actor and Minister Sunil Dutt

With legendary film and stage actor Prithvi Raj Kapoor

With famous writer Sajjad Zaheer founder of Progressive Writers Movement

With President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad

With famous film actors Dullip Kumar and Sunil Dutt

With famous film actress Waheeda Rahman

With famous writers Krishan Chandar and Salma Siddiqui

With old friends Prof. Sharib Rudaulvi and Ashad Rizvi

Meeting of Urdu Anjuman Berlin with writer Sultana Mehr and Anwar Zaheer

With writers Mulk Raj Anand, Razia Sajjad Zaheer, Sajjad Zaheer, Amrit Rai, Buchenwald, Germany

دوستوں، دشتے داروں اور قدردانوں کی یادیں زندگی کو بے پناہ قوت عطا کرتی ہیں۔

Visiting along with wife and daughter the famous film actress Nargis Dutt at her residence in Pali Hills, Bombay

Photos: * Arif Naqvi at Taj Mahal, Agra, * Arif's famiily in Berlin, * Arif with Faiz Ahmad Faiz, * with Late President of India Dr. Zakir Husain, * with actor Sunil Dutt, * with actor Prithvi Raj Kapoor, * with writer Sajjad Zaheer, * with President of India Late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, * with actors Dullip Kumar and Sunil Dutt, * with actress Waheeda Rahman, * with writer Krishan Chandar & Salma Siddiqui, * with Prof. Sharib Rudaulvi &Ashad Rizvi, * with Sharib Rudaulvi, Ali Baqar, Iqbal Majeed, Prof. Ali Ahmad Fatma, Aslam Pervez, * with Anwar Zaheer & Ms. Sultana Mehr,      * with Mulk Raj Anand, Sajjad Zaheer, Razia Sajjad Zaheer & Amrit Rai, with Nargis Dutt.


1. Arif Naqvi addressing a Seminar at the Jamia Millia College, New Delhi 2005

2. Visiting a Montessorie school in Lucknow 2008.

2. With children of the Shoa Fatima Girls Inter College Lucknow 2012

* Arif with the children of Shoa Fatima Girls Inter College Lucknow as guest

* Founders of Shoa Fatima Girls Inter College Lucknow Prof. Sharib Rudaulvi & Prof. Shamim Nikhat

Shoa Fatima who died in early age. The college Carries her name.

* With famous Kathak dancer Shovana Narain

* With famous Song writer Late Sahir Ludiyanvi

* With late Asghar Ali Engineer, a great Scholar, in Berlin

* With Urdu poet and a good friend Nasir Lakhnavi

* With famous song writer late Majrooh Sultanpuri

* With Ahmad Faraz

* With Kamal Ahmad Siddiqui and Ram Lal


* With famous film actor late Sunil Dutt M.P., who later became MInister of Sports of India

* Arif's daughter  Nargis with Sunil Dutt's children

* Arif with Sunil Dutt


* Arif with Ibrahim Alvi, editor daily Aag, Lucknow

* with Rahat Saeed, Prof.Sharib Rudaulvi and film actor Raj Babbar M.P.

* Arif receiving Tagore Award of Hindi Urdu Sangam Lucknow. Present on the occasion

  Shujaat Ali Sandelvi. Bora MLA, Hayat Warsi, Hazar Lakhnavi ans Sahir Lakhnavi

* Arif, Prof. Aslam Syed and Kishwar Mustafa reading the Arif's play the Slave Queen "Razia Sultan"

* Arif and cousin Sabiha Shamsuddin with film director Muzaffar Ali

* Arif with late Shashi Bhushan M.P. and Mrs. Bhushan

* Najma Hebtullah (former Deputy Chairman of Rajyasabha) presenting Urdu books to Arif

  in her capacity as head of the ICCR

* Arif with India's Congress Party President (late) Kamraj

* With India's Congress Party President D.K. Barua

General Manager of Press Trust of India (PTI), Correspondent of PTI Arif Naqvi

negotiating with the General Manager of ADN on ccoperation agreement. Also present is India's Ambassador


Vice President of International Olympic Committee Ashwini Kumar and Arif Naqvi

Ingrid Naqvi, Arif Naqvi and young Nargis with President of India

late Dr. Zakir Husain at the President's House New Delhi

The two flowers together, famous film actress Nargis Dutt M.P. and Arif's daughter Nargis.

Arif Naqvi with his friends of Lucknw University 1955 - 59

Arif's daughter Nargis with famous film actress  late Nargis Dutt M.P.

Arif with poet John Ilya and other friends in Lucknow

A scene from the play DOOR Ke DHOL staed in Berlin, in German language. Written & directed by Arif Naqvi. Arif acting as a servant.

Comments of Delhi Times on 11.9.60 about the Play Sarai Ke Bahar staged on the stage of Ashoka Hotel.

Writen by Krishan Chandar, directed by Arif naqvi. Arif in the role of blind begger.

Krishan Chandar's play SARAI KE BAHAR awarded as Best Play at the All India One Act Play Competition

organised on the occasion of the Silver Jub ilee of Lucknow University in 1958. Arif Naqvi received First Prize  for direction and acting in the play.  A report of Qaumi Awaz Daily, Lucknow.

Below: Arif & Ingrid Naqvi celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their marriage. Leipzig, Germany 25.07.2014

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